Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Edward Levaincois (Be my Princess)

Edward is a very gentle,sweet,nice and caring man. He's very popular by woman and men. He tends to be very polite and kind to everyone. Somtimes it seems that he isn't showing his true self and only shows a fake smile or is just stiff.

I was curious about him,but while playing Edwards mainstory I got dissapointed.Edward is the kindest guy I have ever met. You could say that he's perfect...but that's what kinda..scares me..^^' His action doesn't seem naturaö..more like fake.. and I don't know how the heroine or how Edward fell in love with me,the's just..wasn't really satisfied..
Beside the character ,the story was okay. Nothing much too complain. It is a cute story but because of the wasn't 100% satisfied..
Altogether..well in my opinion..he's a nice man..but I wouldn't really..spend money again, if I had to buy another character like him...^^'

Well,here are the pics :D

                            Epilogue picture

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