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Ota Kisaki mainstory review (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder)

Okay,here's my first review..It took me awhile to motivate myself since I kinda hate to write so much..I know I'm lazy but well here is it ^^'

Well,first of all Kisaki is a famous artist and is called 'angelic' because of his attitude towards his fans and other people and his 'angelic' smile. There's no information about his family but it has been said that he was very talented since he was a child.

Starting from the prologue Ota stares at you,after you chose him and while the others are talking about you choosing Ota. Suddenly he says,that you look like 'Koro'. It turns out that he's talking about his dog! Yes..his dog. He tells you that you and 'Koro' look alike and maybe that's why he felt close to you. Then he announces that you are his pet from now on. O.O (I was like 'WTF? o.O Are you serious?' From them on I started to think...this mainstory is going to be very...weird..)  You're totally speechless but think that he won't do anything bad to you,so you go with him to his room when Ota grabs your arm. At his room,he tells you to sit down. You sit down,but Ota stops you and says that 'Dogs shouldn't sit at furniture'. You're like 'WHAT..? o.O' and stays still until Ota stands up and tells you that you need training. Yeah.I said TRAINING O.O

Ota tells you something like 'Since you are an adult you should know what I mean'.
You're shocked but what's scaring you is that Ota says this with a mischievous smile and you try to beg him no to do this . Then Kisaki started to laugh and says he will never make a move on his pet and you realize that he's just teasing you. He also tells you that if you are a 'good girl' he will treat you good.
(like petting you feeding you etc. I'm still speechless and wonder what kind of otome game that is xD) Then Ota mentions 3 rules that you can't break and have to follow. Since you are afraid of what might happen if you don't follow his rules,you agree to it. Well,right after he decides to take you for a 'walk' (What the hell?! o.O -_-''). Luckily he just shows you the whole (hotel) stage. (When he introduced you the bathroom he seriously said that it is a pity that you have to use it since he doesn't have shampoo for dogs...^^')
After he introduces you to the others,he takes you back to your room and starts to dry your hair. You are feelings a bit uncomfortable 'but since it is the MASTERS job to take care of his pet' he says and continues to dry your hair. When you ask him what you have to do as 'pet',Ota responsed with just to stay by his side. On the next day you want to go to work,but Ota stops you and tells you not to go. Luckily Baba comes and helps you out and tells you that Ota is bad with mornings. Around lunch break,you try to explain your friends why you went home early yesterday,but you got interrupted from...Ota with your manager. All around you starts wonder why the famous artist is talking with you and have some guesses. You are surprised and panics since it's a dangerous situation for you but Ota is totally calm and says something like 'Why did you go?' You blushes and Ota asks you innocently if you are still sick and takes you with him while the others are totally speechless.

At the apartement you are angry and ask him why did he had to give the others a wrong impression.
Kisaki says that he doesn't want you to run off. You are still angry and tell him that she's too busy work,but he doesn't believe you. And it won't be suspicious if the others think they are a couple. While you are irritated Ota gives you a dress,you should change into. After you change he also did your hair and together you went to the auctions.On your way to the auction,a few famous and rich people walk up to Kisaki and talk to him. You notice that his nickname "Angelic artist" isn't a joke. And that he's can be completly different from one moment to the other. At the auction,you and the others are watching from the sides. You are still a bit schocked and ask why Kisaki attends them. He says it's just to kill time. You are surprised. On the next day at work,many colleagues came and ask you about Ota. You aren't sure how to answer,Erika(a bad and annoying colleagues also your senior) bullies you by giving you alot of work.

After working under Erika who kinda tortures you by saying 'you have to do this again because it's not clean enough',you are back at the apartement. You see that Ota is sketching something. You take a sketch that lies on the floor but Ota grabs it and says that's nothing for a pet... Well,you take a shower and Kisaki dries your hair and then tells you to lie your head on his knee. You do what he says,and wonders that he has some times where he can be kind. At this time Ota compliments you by saying how nice your hair is and that you're cute. You blush.(there comes..this doki doki/thump thump moment :3) To distract herself she mentiones about the sketch from before. Ota says that's not for public and he tells you that it is for a person,which daughter died when she was a baby. You think that it is very sweet and touching of Ota that he's sketching for this person. Ota doesn't show much reaction to your statement,and he explains that it doesn't matter to him,and he just accept the story because the price was good. After talking for a bit you say that you want to see a drawing from Ota(selfmade so without any job offering/ something that he wants to draw or wants to make. Ota doesn't respond and you fell asleep.
On the next day you finished your work with Chisato(a good friend :) ). But Erika comes and gives you MORE work.(woahh I really hate her...she's like the the stepmother of cinderella -_-) Chisato wants to help you,but Erika gives her other work to do and you have to do it alone. Chisato wants to help you after she finished hers (whaa she's so nice...TwT :3) You are a nice person,so you say that it is okay and that she should go home after she finished her work.
At the apartement you have a hard time with sewing(part of the work). Ota sees you and ask if you had a hard time. You get (really) sentimental and ask him whose fault it is that she's having such a hard time,and your feelings are reaching the limit and you start to cry. Ota is surprised and gets closer. You are sorry and says that it's not his fault. Ota says that he didn't know that you're in so much pain and kisses you on the cheek. On the next day,you just gave Erika mending and suddenly Ota appears. You are surprised and walk up to him to ask him what's going on. Ota acts like a friend and says out loud you two have known each other for along time. Unexpectedly all people believes him. Erika is all excited and Kisaki is asking if you are good worker,and she acts like'yeah,of course! She's a big help etc.' and even gives you the day off(for tomorrow). Then Ota leaves and you follow him to thank him. Ota can't believe that so many believed him and called them idiots. You're surprised of what he said but still thankful and without thinking you are smiling at him.(hehe the mc starts to fall in love :3 )

On the next day,Ota wakes you happily up and wants to take you for a 'walk'.
You are kind of happy that he's in such a good mood. While doing your hair,Ota tells that you doesn't need a leash anymore (xD) since you are a good girl now...and for a moment you were happy that he called you good girl (wtf...the heroine is slowly getting used to this..master-pet..roleplay o.O) Outside(in a park) Ota still treats you like a pet like by asking if you are happy to be outside(...*facepalm*). You are nervous because you two are holding hands like on a date. Ota response that you two have to hold hands because pets have to be on a leash(Omfg xD so hiliarious..a weird otomegame >-<) At a bench,Kisaki goes to buy ice cream for you two,and you see that a woman approaches him. Maybe it was fan because Ota give her his angelic smile.
After awhile Ota returns but tells you that you should be like a good dog and greet his master by rushing to him if he's returning..( creepy..strange). On your way (to home) you are talking about the fan,and about the museum who exhibit his work. Ota isn't very interested. Then you two meet a woman who turns to be a (Rin)famous artist out. They both know each other and are talking about their new creation. You notice that Ota looks happy when he is talking about his art. Back at the hotel,you are in the group room. The others are still making a bit fun of you and Ota,and someone mentiones that it's rare for Ota not to get sick of you. Ota denies it because you are his pet,so he would never get sick of you. Well,Kisaki asks Baba to take care of you because he has to go out to his studio.

While going to bed,Baba tells you that Ota is a person good person,and that he always go to the studio if he's in a good mood. He also tells you that you,the other guys and him are the only ones where Ota is really  can be himself and kinda compliments you that he was himself from the start you met him and didn't act in front of you. Baba says that Ota doesn't act different in front of the people he likes.(It's understandable..but this roleplay still bothers can't get someone to like you by playing that...^^') And it seems like Ota is very motivated to create his new piece,because it's been a long time since he made an original piece,Baba says. On the next day,Ota still hasn't come home and you were just about to leave when Kisaki catches you up. While panting he gives you a necklace. He say it is a collar but whatever (^^'),you are still happy about the present.
Several days later,you wonder about Kisaki,since you two haven't spoken much. After work you met Baba on your way and search together for Ota. You think you actually go home but after looking at the necklace you decided to wait for him (Oh my...The MC is an obedient ^^' >.<). In the Louge you don't see him and the others also don't know where he could be and teases you abit. Ota comes and wonders what are you doing and tells you that dog should stay home blah..(:P) Back,at the apartement Ota dries your hair after you took a shower.Ota is in a good mood and talk about his new project that's nearly about to be finished. He's a bit sorry that he couldn't take much care of you but you don't mind it and tell him that he shouldn't push himself too hard.

On the next day,when you wake up,Ota greets you happily and orders breakfast. You are really happy too see him like that and you are also confused about your feelings. When you start to eat,Ota stops you and says that you can't eat without his permission.(and the MC is totally fine with it.! *facepalm* :/)  You are sad and Ota chuckles and wants you to beg him like a dog his master (Oh my god..*shakes my head*). You hesitate but in the end you are kinda begging to give you food. While eating you mention that Rin(famous artist) is going to exhibit his work in the hotel. Ota doesn't say much about it.
After work you and your colleague and friend Sakiko goes to the exhibit of Rin. In the hall where alot of Reporters are,you see Ota. Well,the host started to talk and introduced the new creation of Rin. She took off the cloth covering the artwork. While the others are applausing and Rin explains about her new work,you notice that it's exactly what Ota described about his new work when they met at the street. You see Ota walking out after silently watching Rin,and you follow him.

At the lounge you approach Ota,who still looks calm. The other guys ask why are you so excited. You tell the others that Rin stole Otas idea. The others and Ota don't show much of reaction. You can't understand why they don't show any reaction. After awhile Ota says that you shouldn't talk about it anymore and takes you back. Several days later he still doesn't show much of reaction and doesn't go to the studio. You notice that he's feeling down but go to work. At work your friends comes to you and shows you an article about Rin and Kisaki. It tells about whose painting idea is stolen from who. You remember the time when Ota told you that his piece is almost done,and get very angry about the article.
A few days later,there's alot talk about the article and Ota. He gets many phone calls,and you are just sad by watching him,how he forceful accepts every phone call.So when the phone rings again,you grabbed it and turned it off. Ota is surprised and you suddenly tell him to take you out for a walk (XD The Mc finally is in dog mode xD) Ota is for a moment quiet and chuckles. He says that you look like the old Koro. He agrees and takes you out. Outside Ota wants to take you to the dog park,but you refuses and suggest another place. He doesn't want to and you try hard to find another place. Kisaki chuckles and says that he will take you to a nice place.

 Ota takes you to his studio.
You are amazed,and he thanks you. But just thinking about someone stealing an idea from him makes you angry.  You ask him why he can't just tell the truth to the Media. Kisaki gives you a cold stare and says that it doesn't matter,and they wouldn't believe him any way.
But he still thanks you and pets you. You are happy and without thinking you stroke his head,too. You tell him that you can't chase a frisbee like a dog but to comfort him. He blushes and wants you to COMFORT him. He pulls you towards him and hugs you. He mentions your real name and kisses you. Then you two make LOVE(;D) and on the next morning you realize that you slept with him. You are still abit confuse about your relationship with him and about your own feelings.
Ota wakes up and greets you happily. You are embarassed and try to stand up. You immediately hide behind the sheets since you are naked. Ota chuckles and teases you. On your way back home,you met Baba who watches you two and has a suspicious look on his face. He questions you,but luckily Ota saves you and talks about women. You are a bit sad that Ota treats like always and overthinks your relationship with him. Several days later nothing changed,and you two are back to your master-pet relationship. At work your friend is abit worried about you and ask if she's alright because you are spacing out alot. You tell her about your situation and she tells you that it seems like you're in love and that you should decide for yourself what you really want from Ota. Several days later you see Ota sketching something,and he offers to draw you. You hesitate but in the end,he sketches you. After he finishes sketching you he shows you the picture and you are kinda shocked because on the paper is...a real dog... You are dumbfounded and a bit angry but Ota promises to take you out as compensation. The next on your way to the hotel,you two are chatting happily about Karaoke(that's where Kisaki took you out like promised),a man who turns out to be a reporter and starts asking Ota questions.

Ota avoids him and walks into the hotel. While walking the reporter says that he hopes that 'history doesn't repeat itself.' You wonder what he means and follow Ota to the lounge. There you ask him about it,but Ota glares cold at you and responsed that a pet shouldn't know such things and says that all you have to do is to bark. You responsed that you are a human and that Ota shouldn't hide his feelings and should not keep acting. Ota glares at you,says that he doesn't need a human and leaves. The others come inside and wonder 'why is it so noise?' You tell them what happened in front of the hotel,and Baba tells you that something similiar (the issue with Rin) happened in the past.
"Ota claimed that one of his teacher's pieces was his own." Back then Ota wasn't too long in this business and his teacher was more famous than him. So almost all people believed that Ota was the one who stole the piece(idea) from his teacher to get more famous. You are horrified and rush back to Ota. There you find him. Ota is glad that you still come to him and apologizes for the harsh words he said to you. You don't mind but you wonder where he's going and for how long. He doesn't tell you,so you suggest that you go with him. Ota rejects you ans says goodbye with a kiss on your forehead. You are soo sad that your friends notices it and ask if anything wrong. You say that you're fine and at home you are still sad and sulk about Ota.(like a puppy who loses his master xD ^^'). Then you got a phone call.It is Kisaki who calls you and you're very happy. You tell him that you miss him and ask if you could go his place,cuz a pet has to stay at his masters side or so you explain. So Ota tells you where he is,and after hanging up,you rush out to the studio where he's staying right now.

After entering the studio,Ota sits calmly at the couch while you are thinking about the last time you were at the studio(Bed scenes ;3) and blush. You ask him if he needs anything,but tells you to come over,so you are sitting down next to him. Ota strokes your hair and teases you by telling you that he actually had planned to go back to the hotel next day. You notice that he also felt a bit lonely like you,but won't admit it. You are glad that he's okay,and then his sketchbook fell and you picked it up. You pick up a sketch,but Ota grabs and said that you shouldn't look at it.
You tell him that you really like his sketching and his art. Ota blushes and tells you that he will show you something different. He shows you a picture of a man. You think it's wonderful and ask who that man is. Ota tells you,he doesn't know because he just met him in the park and ask him if he could sketch him. You ask him,why he doesn't publish it. Kisaki explains that he doesn't want to publish something,just because the other expects something from the 'angelic artist' and it would be a bother to the old man like it was abother for you when all people know and treated you differently because you were close to Ota. You wonder and say 'I thought you hadn't made anything original for many years?' Kisaki tells you to come over and tells you about his past. He tells you,that there was an artist in his neighborhood who knew Ota before he came an artist(he was around 14),and he respected this man. But later on,this man suddenly took one of his pieces and presented it as his own. At that time Ota was naive and insisted that the piece was his. But the public didn't believe him even the people who like Ota's pieces couldn't recognize his artwork and believed what the public said. Otas relationship with the man broke,and he went to New York until the fuss was over. Then he met Baba who introduced him to the auction.
Later on,when you try to stand up because you had to go back ,Ota grabs your had and suggest to with you because there could be a paparazzi. Before the exit around the corner,Ota hugs you and tells you some sweet words. After letting you go,you notice that there's no one outside and it turns to be out that Ota was just teasing you. You pout but you two say goodbye.

Next day,when you crossed the lobby the same reporter from back then approaches you and mentions your name. You wonder why he knows your name,so you say that you're just old friends but the reporter denies that statement and shows you a photo with Ota and you while going to the studio in the middle of night. He threatens you,if you don't tell him something about Kisaki's current project he will publish the photo. You say that you won't tell him anything,so the reporter tells you that he will show the pic to Kisaki. At this moment,Kisaki appears. The reporter confronts him about the picture and that he knows anything. You think that he also knows about the auction so you beg him to stop. Ota is angry and twists the arm of the reporter. The reporter chuckles and says that he will write an article about Ota hurting a reporter. The reporter leaves and the people in the lobby are whispering. Ota doesn't say anything and goes up.

At the lounge you tell the others about what happened(that the reporter may know about the auction). You apologize that it maybe your fault that he knows about the auction. The others are looking at you silently. You are nervous about what's going to happen. They are grinning because they think it's funny that you are worried about the auction(where you were sold at). They aren't worried,no it's the opposite they are quite confident that no one will easily find out about the auction. They tell you that you were tricked from the reporter when he told you that he knows anything. Ota thinks that the reporter just wants to find out anything about him. The others are thinking that is kinda obvious that a maid often comes to a V.I.P (that's where they live). You apologises again and leave the lounge.
After you left the lounge,you met up with the manager and gave him a resignation letter. The manger says that he will arrange somewhere for you,because the hotel will take care of your lodging fees. You think it's for the best to quit and on the next day you try to met up with the reporter but he isn't available so you try it again. A few days later,you get to meet up with him and you beg him not to write an article about Ota. The reporter laughs and says that it is too late and shows you a magazine where an article about how Ota Kisaki injures a reporter is. He threatens you once more that if you can't give him any details about Ota he will just publish this article. You don't know how to response so the reporter leaves. You are helpless and sad that you couldn't do anything. Back at the hotel you are staying you think of going to your parents house. Just then you hear a story about how Ota injures a reporter on the television. You are frustrated so you turned it off. A few days later you finished packing and you have to do is to leave the hotel. But you are sad that Ota still hasn't contacted you,since you left the Tres spades(that's hotel where the MC works). You decide to turn the tv once more and you see a familiar hotel on the screen. The reporter on tv says that suddenly Ota is about to reveal his new art piece. You are surprised.

At that moment Kisaki comes out and borrows the microphone of a reporter. He says 'KORO' and you unexpectedly responds(xD). He orders you on tv to come to see his art piece. You hesitate but you remember the rule..that you have to obey your master no matter what,so you head towards the hotel.

You arrived at Kisakis exhibition,but you can't go inside because the staff doesn't allow you. You try to tell him that you're a friend of Ota by telling him that you're Koro. He doesn't believe you because there were other people who said that they were Koro. You are frustrated because you can't go inside but luckily the guys(Baba,Eisuke,Soryu,Mamoru) come and you can go with them. Inside Ota notices you and smiles at you. Ota introduce his piece. A few reporters think that its similiar to Rins piece. The a reporter(the one who threatens you two) asked if the piece was copied from Rins piece. Some people whispered through the room. Ota stays calm and says that his piece isn't finished and orders to turn off the lights. The spotlight only shines down upon Ota and the paining while the rest of the room was dark. Under the spotlight the red jeweled paint on the bird slowly changes into blue. Many people were speechless since it is such a beautiful piece. Someone started to clap which was followed from many other people. The room was filled with applause and Ota thanks the audience. The lights turned on and the jeweled paint returns red. 

Ota starts explaining about his piece and starts walking your direction. In front of you he stops,and tells the reporters that you were his inspiration. The reporters started to take pictures. You are bit surprised of the lights but Ota is happy that you came and you two started to hold hands. One reporter asked you to look his way,but Ota protects you and ask the reporters not to take pictures of you because you are his important person(he doesn't want to say girlfriends because it could bother you in the future,I guess) He also explains  the issue of him injuring a reporter to them.(because he wanted to protect you ;D) He kinda begs them to leave you out of the issues,and even cried.(a few tears :P). The reporters are feeling sorry and accept the offer.

Love End(Happy End)The day after the exhibition,you are still working at the hotel like normal. Your friends thought that you were sick. Your friends are talking about Kisakis new piece and wonder about the picture,because the girlfriend of Ota resembles you. Of course you try to deny it. *Flashback* After Kisaki cried,you two left the room and it turns out that Ota was faking the tears. And when you asked him about you being an importan to him,he said that you're his important PET. (...oh..*sighs*). *Flashback end* Then you discover an article about Rin using imitation materials. And altogether her piece is now worthless.

After Work you go the lounge,where you meet Ota and the others. They tease Ota and you and Baba even asked if you graduated to a human(haha lol :D). Ota answered with a "I wonder" and takes you to the studio. He tells you to close your eyes and leads you into the room where his current piece is. You are amazed. Ota turns the lights out. You watch how the colors of the paint. Ota says that the stone on your necklace has the same stone like tones on his piece.
You are touched and say that it is an amating painting and that you want to remember it forever. Ota is for moment quiet and wants to give you this piece. He tells you. He tells you that you were the inspiration of this piece and it didn't matter if people would forget his piece,only you have to remember it and kisses you. He admits that at first he was looking for fun but now he holds you very dear. You tell him that you're in love with him not as a master but as a man. Ota carries you to the bed and you have some fun (;D)

Comment:Oh my god..finally finished writing...*hooray* I was kinda nervous because it was my first time writing a review..and I didn't believe that I would write so much and would take me so long! When I look at the clock...I spend almost 12 hours..okay with breaks and once my laptop shuts down before I had to do it again -_-'
Well,after writing the review I guess there were more 'normal' moments than I thought. If you put the roleplay by side,Ota is just a hurt lonely man who tries to act proud and hids his feelings,I think.
But still the fact that the heroine completly fell for this Master - Pet kinda pitiful and somehow this time the heroine is more naive that the other stories,I think  OwO .(That roleplay is the only thing that really bothers me.) I think you agree when I say that the ending isn't very satisfied either..well...its true that the heroine confesses his love to Ota. But in my opinion this Master-Pet roleplay isn't over yet...and I can't accept this kind of relationship somehow..^^' Well,I hope that Ota changes in the Sequel if not...then I will never ever buy a story from him again o.O'

Tell me your opinion :)


  1. I got the good ending instead of the happy ending and I wondered why I didn't get the happy ending afterwards. I think it's because I protested a couple of times (e.g. saying "I'm a human!!") which I thought he would like but I guess not! I figured that in order to get the happy ending you have to be really obedient LOL :)

    1. Yeah...the dog finally protests and clarifies that she's a human,lol.
      Yes...the whole story was a master-pet roleplay thing..somehow at first I thought it's going to be a S-M roleplay xD could say that it's not much different from the Master-Pet Roleplay..^^'
      Seriously,this is the weirdest route I have ever played in my life o.O


  2. I would've loved Ota's route if it weren't for the fact that the MC was WWAAAAAAYYYYY too into this pet/master thing. I'd cringe and feel embarrassed reading it, like "Oh my god, please PLEASE raise your standards..." whenever the MC was too over-the-top with the pet act xDD