Freitag, 2. August 2013

(Sequel) Saeki Takamasa

The story continues :) You,the heroine gets a job. You are responsible for a young famous rookie writer. At first he seems like a nice guy to you but shows you his real character. He says that he's going to make you his! You are shocked but actually he has a reason why he doesn't like Saeki.

The story was interesting,I kind of missed romantic moments with Saeki because the heroine is very busy in this story. And I hoped for more excitement in this story... :o

Well here are the pics :)


  1. Ahaha thanks for uploading them. I like saeki....although so far no plan on playing the sequel.

  2. You're welcome ^^
    Yeah,I was kinda dissapointed of this sequel so it was kinda a good decision not to play it in my mind ^^'
    But the season 2 saeki is more interesting and I will post the pics and the walkthrough soon too :D