About me

Somehow I think I have to introduce myself xD

Umm..Konichiwa my name is Mei also known as Mizuki :D
I leave my age to your imagination :P
My hobbies are watching animes,reading mangas or other fantasy stories. I like music especialy Kpop and love dancing ^^ Recently I also write some stories just for fun.

I own a Iphone 4s and play otome games for smartphones. I try to play as fast as possible but sometimes I just can't because I'm not in the right mood or just too busy. ^^'
Hmm,I don't really like to play otomegames with Gree....so this blog is non gree zone xD
I hope my blog helps you girls to get the super happy ending and also kinda..hope that my blog..gets popular..and that we can be friends :3

Well,if you have question,feel free to ask me ^^



  1. What is the name of the song in the SCM Music Player called "19. Moonlight"?

  2. Hey :)
    It's a song from the anime UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA (season 1)
    I think if you type this in google or youtube you will find the song 100% :D