Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Satoru Kamagari Sequel

And the story continues...! :D
Satoru is taking you to the Demon Realm! At first you are excited,but it seems something's going on in the Demon Realm..You try not think about it much and in the Human world a mysterious,handsome man suddenly starts seducing you! The two of you go to a café,where a piercing scream alerts you to an big incident outside..

The story was interesting because the story has something to do with Satoru's past and it made me excited and also curious while I was playing this Sequel. There was a scene which made me almost I was watching some scenes of a tragic drama or movie like Titanic..okay maybe that's too much.. ^^' but it was really heart warming..when..oh..I shouldn't spoil too much :P
Well,the Sequel is altogether good :33 ^^

Well,here are the pics :3

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