Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Gaia (A Knight's Devotion)

Uwaa busy with school but luckily I have holiday for a few days and then the story was released. (YES :D )

Gaia is the commander/leader of the group and very strong. He's the quiet,cold,serious but who is actually kind. He's feared and respected by his men. He's acting quite cold and quiet to you,the heroine. That's why it gets often a bit awkward between you. Gaia seems unapproachable but..he tries his best because of his past..or more the past of his family. He also always mention that you two are in different classes.
But you should ignore that and try to get closer to him,even if you have to take the first step. But soon you will see that he has his cute sides too.

Some scenes were also funny soI kinda enjoy his character ^^ He reminded me kinda of Kippei Ebihara from In your arms tonight because they both are most of the time serious about work,but Gaia is kinda more stiff then Kippei. O:

Well here are the pics:3
(click if you want to look at the pics ^^)

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