Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Joshua Lieben walkthrough (Be my Princess)

Well,I made a walkthrough for, if you can't get the Happy or the best ending,but exploring it yourself is much more fun ^^ but if you really don't get it then here is the walkthrough :) If you don't get the best ending please tell me then I will take a look and correct it

Oh and have fun playing it <3

1. B. I'm just a student

B. Don't blame me for a mistake you made!

2. B. Respond.
A. It's sad that he thinks of it like that...

3. B. Did you give me that blanket last night?
B. They all taste good. I can't choose.

4. B. Go to Prince Joshua office.
B. It didn't sound like one...

5. B. I'm not very hungry...
B. It's a rice ball.

6. B. You're abducting me!?
A. Stay silent.

7. A. I'll keep to my room for the day.
A. Refuse.

8. A. Yes,they are.
B. What indeed.

9. B. That's right...
B. Try speaking to him.

10. A. Thank you,everyone.
A. Thank you all for everything.

11. A. Tease him by not giving him any.
B. You always says that...

12. A. I'm sad that we only have one more week.
B. I'm glad to have met you.

13. B. Have you betrayed Prince Joshua?
B. I can't let you do this just because of me!

14. B. Help Prince Joshua call out to Jan.
A. Yes.Thank you.

15. HAPPY ENDING + Epilogue


  1. I have played every recommended answer available and have only ever gotten the "good ending". Why can't I get the Happy Ending!?

    1. Hey,I just took a look and yeah somehow I got the good ending too o.O :/
      I will play the game and will edit the walkthrough so wait a few days. :)