Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Road to Emerald (review)

This game was released a few years ago. I was surprised because the programme was easy to used and you can even download a lite version for free,so you can test out if you really like the story,the game and etc.
I was pretty satisfied and was amazed cuz you can change the music who is going to play almost the whole time while you play. The game was kinda interesting because the story is based on "The Wizard of Oz"
But also a bit boring cuz well,you know how it is going on when you know the story. Altogether there are 10 pictures. You can get 4 pictures + 2 pictures with the guy you want to end up with when you play it once. There are three characters so if you want all pics you have to play it three times.
But the game is actually pretty easy and also doesn't cost that much like a game from Voltage(My forged wedding etc)

Well,here are the four pics you can get when you play it once (the remain (end) pics,I will post together with the associated characters)

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