Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

Haruki Tanemura

Haruki is one of the closest friend of you(heroine),since he and you were always together when you were small. He changed over the years and is now the "idol " of the school. He's very popular in school and in town. Because the people known  him as smart,reliable,sporty,kind and hardworking person. Haruki also gives a gentle atmosphere off with his kind gestures which makes him mature,too.He's so gentle that he acts without thinking and is also kind of clueless if girls are flirting with him for example.

At first I wasn't really so excited,when I saw that he was so kind and gentle. Which reminded me of Thomas of Pirates in Love xD BUT it was actually not bad. He's one the nicest person ,I have ever met in an otome game. The way how the heroine fell in love with the character was nice. It wasn't rushed or to slow, or strange or complicated.
My thought about first he really reminded me of Thomas,but he's more mature and was more the natural womanizer who says things(compliments) and doesn't really think much of it.It was hard for me to understand him,since he was always the sweet/kind/nice kind of guy. It didn't really made me fall in love with him. There were a few episodes about their childhood(memories) of him and you(heroine),that made me "awww,cute >w<" and made me struggle. Of course they were a few moments were I also went a bit excited at the mainstory..but it wasn't enough to make me say "AHH,I want more!" ^^'
The story started nicely. And the progress went smoothly.The story was interesting,it had new features,well ideas. But the end was kind of...rushed..o.o I didn't really like it :/
Alltogether the story is interesting but this super,ultra nice character..isn't really my type..^^'

Well,here are the pics :3
(Click if you want to see the pics :) )

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