Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

Thomas Sequel epilogue

2 years has passed and the crew reunites
Thomas and you spend these two years together and are happy together. But then you and the other notice that the Sirius(ship) is more damaged or worn out then expected. Thomas wishes for a new ship,the others are shocked in response and think that Thomas doesn't appreciate their precious ship with all kind of memories. This makes Thomas very sad. Can you stay by his side and comfort him?

 The Sequel epilogue is... a big surprise O.O
The "new" Thomas..looks really hot,he looks and is more mature. But he can act cute sometimes by saying that he wants to protect you and want to stay by your side. The relationship didn't change much. There are a few romantic scenes but it is like always where you can't really be excited,since he has not this..charasmatic side where your heart can goes wild or be excited like in another story of pirates in Love. The story general was again a plain one..^^' Maybe because I'm a girl,I don't really go down or am so sad..just about a boat..well I can understand those guys(Thomas etc) since it was their home.

But alltogether  the story was enjoyable since I was more focused on the character than the story :)

Well,here are the pics :3

(click if you want to see the pics :D)

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