Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Hello minna :)

Hey,guys sorry that I wasn't online for almost a month.
Busy with school,things and didn't really fell like playing otome games..^^'
So yesterday I started to play again.
Umm what I kinda wish from you guys is to support my blog..you know as a motivation for me... :D
Kinda feel less motivated since no one really told me how they feel about the characters,or only ask me..what kind songs I have on my playlist.. -_-' But it's okay,I don't mind. So something like a comment would be nice you know :) and it also doesn't hurt or take much time right? :) I'm a nice person I don't bite xD

Also through the chatbox,you could tell me which character I should play next to get a walkthrough or  post pics :)
For the one who doesn't want to look at my blog everyday,you can follow me through google or tumblr,maybe I'm going to show my twitter and FB page too if you'd like it(but of course you have to tell me that)
I will try my best and start to play otomegames again ^^



  1. I dont play voltage games as much as you but i check ur blog sometimes to get a good look at the CGs. Thanks for posting them =)

  2. I won't leave you in the dark Mizuki!! haha
    i recently just started playing these games, my first game was and still is destiny ninja, i finished playing mizuki, haha love his story! and i finished kazemasa's too, his was ok..and now i'm playing hyuga. i keep telling myself that i shouldn't play them anymore cause it get's pretty expensive! ahaha and i just finished playing office secrets with toranosuke. his story was great! lol :))

    1. Haha thanks :D
      Yeah I know,I had this feeling too when I just started with otome games but it's kinda...addicting isn't it xD Well at least you enjoy yourself,right? so nothing is wrong with it :) ^^


    2. enjoy?! lol more like i like the lovey dovey parts (holding hands and hugging) haha

    3. by the way, where are you from? hope that doesn't sound creeepy or anything, im just curious, i'm from cali! :))

    4. No,it isn't creepy.
      My parents are from China :)