Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Holmes (London Detective Story)

Well the main guy..or the guy who should catch your eyes has to be Holmes, Sherlock Holmes ;D
Maybe some most know about him. He's kinda mysterious and doesn't really show his feelings,expressions much.  Actually he's a kind guy,but if its about mysterious things,cases or etc. he's serious and quiet.
In the game,he often tries to offer you to solve a quiz or a problem. So to get his attention you have to solve these quizzes or problems :)

Umm here are the pics and the walkthrough :3

and the walkthrough:  O:

- I can't do this
- I know just the thing
- That's very impressive
- Kind of interesting
- Think
- Red to the right
- Think
- Green to the left
- Think
- Yellow up
- Holmes
- His better hand
- Think
- He was looking for something
- Mr. Holmes
- Think
- Red up
- Think
- Yellow left
- Think
- Blue to the right
- Do this myself
- Green down

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