Samstag, 30. März 2013

Koichi Natsukawa (in your arms tonight)

Koichi is your husband and you get to know him on a omiai (arranged marriage). He gave you a nice, polite and shy impression of himself. You have to act here as a plain or more like a normal wife who is love and wants to make his husband happy. But later on,Koichi gives you the cold shoulder after you married and is busy with something. Later on,you discovered that he's having an affair(I don't want to tell you why or I make too much spoilers ;) Even though you know he has an affair you can't just give up,you have to believe in him and even though it would hurt your feelings you have to be strong and stay by his side because later on he will also fall in love with you but thinks that you are not satisfied with him because of a certain reason. In front of the other woman you have to act a bit cool and tough.

Well,here are the pics ^^

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