Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Soji Higashiyama

As you can see from his name,that he's Genji brother,younger brother. You used to know him but after graduating you lost contact with him. Soji works as a Ceramic artist. At first he can be blunt and maybe a bit cold but after he opens to you a little,he can be kind towards you,the heroine. But still that doesn't change the fact that he's shy,quiet and doesn't like attention or shore much emotions.

When I played his story,it was quite cute. He was acting a bit like a child,he was quiet a bit stubborn but still acted proud and cool. You could compare his personality to Noel of Seduced in the sleepless city. I liked the quiet part of him,so it was quite a challenge to choose the answer I thought,that was right. I didn't really liked that Genji,his brother played..a kinda important role in the story..I almost fell in love with him again because I had to remember his story when he get the heroine,you back. It was a touching story. I liked his story because he was my type,but I'm not sure if other will like it,since he doesn't show his emotions except blushing a few times which is very cute ^^

I'm kinda..dissapointed at the last pic where the heroine and the man share a kiss or an embrace..but well it's kinda cool too.
Well,here are the pics :)

                            But that pic is nice >w<

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