Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Hello minna! ^^'s been long time I guess over 2 years? ^^'
First of all I'm  very sorry that I was on hiatus,at first I was sick,but then it was just hard to start over with the otome games,since so many things happened, I attend another school now,I got a new phone,I'm having a part time job now and I have to study -_-' so it was kind of getting hard to get in the right mood to play and to write a walkthrough.

BUT! I want to start again, and this time I even plan to play ps vita otome games! I'm sure there are alot of games on phone and for the psvita :D
And I'm happy to all those people who still visit my blog ^^ ARIGATO :D

So stay tuned! :)



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