Samstag, 5. April 2014

Kazusa Hanai (Metro PD)

Kazusa is strong minded guy. He's a hardworking detective and tend to be pretty arrogant and harsh at first sight. Later on he can turn out to be bossy,and orders his partner around with a confident voice. But even though he can be rough and a bit too serious if it comes to work,he only has good intentions behind them and just want to help and do his job. But outside of his work,he can be a very dependable and kind gentleman who also likes to tease sometimes with mature pressence.

I played Kazusa at first,because his story was starting right after the continue(and Hiroshi Kirisawa not(after 3 months in the story)
Kazusa is very awesome,he's a hardworking guy with this one goal,to help the people and to make the world safer thing. Even though he can be arrogant,he can be soo sweet and kind afterwards >.< :3
The story ist just...awesome! It's super exciting and so entertaining that it's like...a dramatic police movie xD with much love scenes. Haha maybe not that intense but's a very interesting and good story in my opinion! I think how the relationship changes.. is  good..since it isn't rushed like in some other stories and here we also have really dramatic and intense scenes and moments where for example I was really deeply playing it and sometimes slowly read the scenes again because I just couldn't believe it or so :O between him and the heroine,from strangers to partners and from partners to something more You definitely won't be dissapointed and if yes...then you aren't romantic at all..o.o
So altogether this whole main story is so awesome! You should definitely play it. :)

Well,here are the pictures :D

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