Samstag, 5. April 2014

Hiroshi Kirisawa (Metro PD)

Kirisawa is the boss of the 2nd Unit. He's a very cheerful and kind man,who jokes and teases much but is also someone who can be in certain situation reliable,calm and serious and shows his talent as charasmatic leader. The whole time he has a very mature pressence about him and is always positive person. Surprisingly this man can be very clueless when it comes to love and women,and even doesn't realize how popular he really is by women.

Hiroshi seemed like a really cool boss,and I was right ^^
I can say that Hiroshi is a very relaxed man,he doesn't rush things. He's also a very kind man...and I really mean it *o* It is kind of funny that he's clueless when it comes to love xD but that makes him more charming and cute :3 Except being nice,he's very charasmatic and he always know what to do and has this mature presence. He's...ahh..just soo cool *o* >u<
The story itself is great! It's pretty exciting. ^^b Many thrilling scenes and situations.. :D and also romantic and dramatic scenes between Hiroshi and you,the heroine >w<
Altogether I really really like this character. ^^ and I'm sure...the other characters of this new game will be awesome too! *Q* (Also,I played Kazusa first..because his story starts direct after the prologue,and Kirisawa story starts differently)

Well,and here are the pics ^^

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