Samstag, 19. April 2014

Haruki Tanemura (epilogue)

Haruki and you are a happy couple. But lately Haruki gets more busy since he's going to be the captain of the karate don't get to spend time with him now...


When I looked at the mainstory of Haruki I wasn't really amazed..or did take me a few moments to start playing the epilogue,since the mainstory was a bit plain and not that great to me. ^^'
Well,I didn't expect much from Haruki himself since he is the "good(perfect,gentleman ) guy" type,and I was right. The story itself wasn't that amazing or exciting. It was simply...cute..and..totally normal :) O.O
At the end I didn't hate or like was just a normal feeling...^^'

I will give 2 from 5 was cute and really simple...but nothing great. :/


And here's the pic :)

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