Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Hello guys ^^/

Well I'm not sure if you all read my note,but I will spend some more time on the game Dreamy Days in West Tokyo. :D
I also mentioned on my tumblr account,that I thought of changing from blogger to wordpress..but I changed my mind and I will stay by blogger :)
Also I changed the design of my blog again,I made the blog a bit more simple and I decide not to put some unnecessary things :O
I also want to say that I edit the topic 'Otome games', so now you can reach the epilogues,sequels and etc with the mobile version :) ^^
Also next week I have one week of holiday ^w^ and I try my luck on the games I have already purchased(Shall we date games) even though I don't really like them....since they puplished the new games.

Okay,I want to mention that I thought of putting the story contain of the games in a new topic,so for the people who want to read what's happening in the story...I know that this means..that I will have to write alot and spend some more time on just give me some time..I'm not super woman :D :P

But I will only do this if you want it,so I made a poll(only available on computer version)


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