Sonntag, 20. April 2014

Haruki Tanemura (Sequel)

Haruki and you are living a happy life. But someday your teacher hands out empty 'future plans'. All your friends already know what they want to do after graduation. You are still not sure what to do after school. While you are are thinking,a rumor about the shopping distriction is going around....The others and you see a suspicious looking man ... and try to find a solution for the rumor..Haruki is serious about the rumor and tries his best. You only can watch him...while he's very busy..and get slowly closer to another girl?!

After playing the epilogue,I started the sequel with a rather...emotionless feeling. At the sequel Haruki's character didn't change much..he was still the good guy.But he showed you(the heroine) another side of him. The serious side where he tries his best and is only focused on this matter/problem. Which I think it pretty cool,and this plain boring side..slightly vanishes in this story. 
The story is pretty surprising good in my opinion.  O.O :D I was surprised how more exciting and (abit) dramatic it was,when I compare it with the main story. It had many dramatic scenes where I was very focused on. Even though the main story..was boring and plain..the Sequel is much more interesting and I enjoyed it.  :) rating..I think I will the Sequel  7 and a half of 10 hearts :D (There's still something that's missing..but I can't say what..but..well I would give the main story 4 of 10 you see the sequel is better)

❤❤❤❤❤   ❤♡♡♡

And here are the pictures :)

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