Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Izumi Takasaki (Serendipity Next Door)

Izumi is the youngest resident in the house. He has many part time jobs,attends the college and wants to be a veteran in the future. Even though he's young,he's mature and a hardworking person. His love for animals is very strong and beside he's a kind man,too.But sometimes he can be a bit stubborn.

Soo my first impression was...when I started to play his story,I immediately knew that he was the shota guy..somehow xD Even though I don't really like shota types that much..I actually liked him :O Izumi is mature and stubborn guy. He can be pretty cute when he's stubborn and his innocent reactions are pretty funny. It was good that he hasn't too  much of cuteness..because that would ruin his character,and he would be like a girl in a boy's body xD in my opinion.
The funny is sooo good. It was a refreshing story and pretty amusing :D Sometimes it was soo embarassing that I couldn't even continue to play and had to calm down since I was so excited of the scene xD ^///^'

Altogether I can say that this story pretty good,and I'm sure you will like this guy :D

Well,here are the pics ^^

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