Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Mitsunari Baba (Kissed by the baddest bidder)

Baba is real playboy. He knows how to handle and how to please them. But the word "playboy" doesn't really fit him. Even though he has hundreds of women,he doesn't force them to anything,he treats everyone of them gentle and nicely which makes him a caring and nice man. But still it's hard to tell when he's actually serious about something or not.Maybe that's why  it does look like he tries to hold a distance sometimes.

So..finally I finished Baba :3 And my first impression was...why does a pervert like him exist?!! xD Well,the whole story he was.. like a woman magnet! Almost everwhere we went,some women comes to Baba. ..^^' Err..well it was very funny and always interesting in my opinion. On the other hand it was kinda approach him ..since he always jokes around and you never know when he's serious or not. But without knowing,I really became attracted to him at the end of the game. The times,when you are alone with him he jokes around but puts other expression.. But except the flirting thing,he's a really gentle and a mature man who's actually pretty sensitive about the thing called 'Love'.
I really loved the character and the story is just awesome. It's funny,entertaining and has action. I really liked it..but there was one was sooo hard to get the Happy Ending *o* -.-'
Honestly I spend almost a whole day(I think about 16 hours,since I played the game from the start to the end,and if I didn't get the Happy End,I would start from the beginning again. ^^') Yesterday I was so relieved when I finally got the Happy Ending :D

Well,altogether the mainstory is a wonderful entertaining story and I really liked it :D

And here are the pictures :)

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