Samstag, 8. März 2014

Chiaki Yuasa walkthrough

Well,I made these walkthroughs for, if you can't get the Happy or the best ending,but exploring it yourself is much more fun ^^ but if you really don't get it then here is the walkthrough :) If you don't get the best ending please tell me then I will take a look and correct it

Oh and have fun playing it <3

1. C. "I can take it or leave it."
C. "Just don't look!"

2. A. "Okay."

B. Bash his hand away.

3. A. "Stop this!"
A. Tell them it's nothing.

4. C. "I've found your weakness."
A. Judge his mood.

5. B. Wake him.
A. Save it for later.

6. C. Wait.
A. Tell them.

7. B. Don't tell him anything.
A. Don't ask.

8. A. "Sure."
B. "It'll be fine."

9. A. "I'll think about it."
A. "Maybe not."

10. C. "........" (Say nothing.)
A. "Thank you."

11. A. Go after him.
A. "Yes."

12. B. "Of course I don't"

13. Happy Ending

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