Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

Kaoru Kirishima (Our Two Bedtime story)

Kaoru is a quiet and is a person who doesn't show his emotions easily or to anyone. He doesn't talk unless he have to. But when he has to talk he can impudent and pretty honest. He's very smart but he also can be a bit clumsy if he doesn't pay much attention to his actions.

My opinion of Kaoru,that he's a really sweet guy once you get closer :3 Hmm if I had to compare him...I would say..he seems to me like a abandoned cat? Well,at first he's very scared, doesn't approach you and tries to avoid you. But if you approach him slowly,he slowly gets attached to you and even trusts you slowly. And when he's attached to you he doesn't like to let you go but doesn't know how to act in certain situations sometimes. Kaoru is really kind and cute guy and I prefer him more than Minato ^^'
The story was interesting. It wasn't bad and the relationship between him and the heroine went smoothly from 0-100 :3 There were many funny scenes,also sad and romantic scenes with deep meaning.
I really liked this story but sometimes the heroine was a bit too..dramatic at some scenes/situations ^^'

But it was still an enjoyable story and I'm sure many girls are going to love thim ^w^

Well,here are the pics :D

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