Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

Kaoru Kirishima walkthrough (Our Two Bedroom Story)

Well,I made a walkthrough for, if you can't get the Happy or the best ending,but exploring it yourself is much more fun ^^ but if you really don't get it then here is the walkthrough :) If you don't get the best ending please tell me then I will take a look and correct it

Oh and have fun playing it <3

1. C. I'll try to cooperate with him."
B. It really bothers me.

2. A. Thanks for taking the call.
A. After I finish.

3. B. I want to talk more.
C. Direct the conversation to someone else.

4. C. Ask Kaoru.
B. I found the cat.

5. A. "It's obvious."
A. I was asleep,I can't remember.

6. B. Thanks for saving me.
A. Why do you ask?

7. A. I want to know why.
C.  Go back to your room!

8. B. Why didn't you tell me that?
B. I won't cry

9. A. Talk to Joh
B. I forgot to make dinner.

10. B. I want you to read it first.
B. I'm fine.

11. A. Ask the same thing.
A. I'm glad you didn't drop it.

12. B. Am I dreaming?
A. I'm fine.


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