Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Kaiji Akizuki (My sweet bodyguard)

Kaiji and you are childhood friends,but you moved away and left the town. He's kinda a tsundere ,in my mind. He's rude,teased you alot and you used to fight alot because he bullied you. Even though he bullies,tease and tells bad things about you,he stills protects you with all he have got. He's strong and a pro in judo. It's a secret but you were the first love of Kaiji. You have to act as you were still friends with him and don't feel any emotions from him at the moment. But soon you will realize your feelings and he will too,but doesn't let it show on his face.

I liked Kaiji because the story and his character is so adorable.. >< :33 Well,and just think ...childhood friends,tsundere strong and will protects you it's just...ahh! >.<

And here are the pics: ;D (click on the picture if you want it bigger)

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