Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Keith Alford (Be my Princess)

Keith is a confident,selfish and rough person. But that's only his appearance at first. At closer look you can see that he can be pretty protective and a bit kind even though he sounds aggressive and forceful. It seems like he doesn't want to depend on others because in his mind it is a weakness. That's why he's a type of guy who is abit hard to approach.

Hmm my first thought of Keith was that he was really the most meanest I have ever played and met. O.O -_-* I couldn't really bear his rudeness. But I kinda forced myself to play this story and I didn't regret it later on. So later on about in the middle of the story..I kinda fell in love..yeah you hear correctly...I really like him ^^' If I could compare the kinda remind of the Disney story
'The Beauty and the Beast'. >w< <33 There were so many wonderful scenes and it was..ahh...heartbreaking beautiful :D
The story itself was really good. It was very entertaining and the relationship between him and the heroine went pretty slow but nicely.
So my opinion...that Keith himself and the story is very nice. And it is definitely worth playing.

And here are the pics ^^

                            Epilogue picture

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