Samstag, 14. September 2013

Haruhito Amano ( 10 days with my devil )

Meguru and the other demons decribed or more think of Haruhito as weird and strange. Haruhito is difficult to understand because he says and does childish things even though he has the looks of a host.He seems very carefree and like a free man. But even if he does childish or strange gestures and actions..he has some motives when he does it which makes him kind and nice.

I was kind of curious because in the prologue and when I was playing other main stories he seemed like a nice and interesting person. So my first impression of the game was..."Oh...okay...o.o" his character surprised me..and he was weirder..and more strange than I expected ^^' But it amused me when he acted like a child which was also surprising because..he remind me of the typical host like type when I saw his face xD So in short...Haruhito is the Tall,handsome idiot and childish..type...^^' It sounds rude but if you play it,you really realize that he' that..^^' Up until then I liked his character and the story was nice :) didn't made me fall in love with him up until then..I only found him cute and an interesting guy but nothing more.. But later on,when I/you/the heroine and Haruhito got closer..he acted more mature.. and serious..which made me more aware of him.Slowly from episode to episode the story got more excited and the tension too. So I kind of grow to like him when turned serious and didn't want to "toast" me/you/heroine.
So generally I really like the story but..a few romantic scenes where love could grow..would be cool :)

Well,here are the pics :3
(Click if you want to look at the pics :3)

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