Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

Takeshi Yuno ( Dreamy Days in West Tokyo )

Takeshi's family owns the bath house of the town.  Takeshi is the quiet type. He doesn't talk much and stays more in the background but is still aware of the situation. When he opens his mouth,he can sound rude but he's actually thoughtful. And sometimes he can also be very sweet and mature. But there are also times where he can be very clueless and can easily hurt the person he's talking to.

Mhmm it's been a while since I played,because I had fever,puke..and so on. Ahh well umm what can I say..Takeshi is definitely a hot guy! *o* I really..admire him ^w^' But it was a bit hard to understand..nor..approach him. The story was good,it had some interesting parts.It was kind of sad how clueless he is when it comes to love..and when he says something mean without realizing. But I guess that's his character. There were scenes where you could see his embarassing side (which is very cute >w< ) Even though the story was good and Takeshi himself is a hot guy...somehow I'm not...100% into him..after playing his route..I thought that something was missing...But I think ,no I hope! that my impression of him will change after I play the epilogue or sequel(when I have time to play it)

So..altogether..Takeshi yuno story is good :)

Well,here are the pics :)
They are really awesome *Q* <3

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