Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

Akira Kasamatsu walkthrough

Well,I made a walkthrough for, if you can't get the Happy or the best ending,but exploring it yourself is much more fun ^^ but if you really don't get it then here is the walkthrough :) If you don't get the best ending please tell me then I will take a look and correct it
(Sometime when I have time I will play this story again and if I get the best ending I will post it here. Cuz right now, I only got the Happy ending(and not the Sweet ending)

Oh and have fun playing it <3

1. Now I can devote myself to my job!

2. Can't you stay here with me for just a little longer?

3. Stand there stupefied.

4. Take the ring off.

5. Deceive him and ask for a kiss.

6. I don't need anything.

7. Talk honestly about your feelings.

8. I don't want to break up!

9. Let's go together to the convience store.

10. Would you please be with my today?


(Actually some of these answers..I didn't want to choose them..but if I don't..I won't get the pictures...or the reaction of Akira..wasn' good.. :/ )

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