Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

Seiji Goto ( My sweet Bodyguard )

Seiji works in Ishigamis Team. He looks like a cold guy. But even though he's an antisocial type,he's kind and gentle in his own way.He's also very thoughtful when he does his things quietly. Because of his past he is a hard to approach.

Yesterday I suddenly felt like playing My sweet Bodyguard ^^' :3
It was somehow a short..mainstory..but it was a nice one :) I like his character which reminded me abit of Ishigami. You know his quiet,a bit cold attitude when he tries to avoid you,but still can't, and is kind and gentle to you. I also like the story,which was not too plain. It was kind of touching and a sweet one :)
His main story was satisfied..and I think he's one of my favourite of MSB and I do want more of him ^^
Altogether it was a sweet story :) ^^

Well,here are the pics :)

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