Freitag, 22. November 2013

Taketo Kanzaki ( Class Trip Crush )

Taketo is the star of the soccer club. He's popular by girls and is also an outstanding person. He does look like a troublemaker and like a playboy.Also Taketo can be selfish,sometimes he's even too confident and thinks high of himself. But if he opens himself to you,he can be very honest,nice and somehow cute in his own way.

Hmm,my impression of this game is..mixed :/ I'm..somehow..dissapointed of this story..I expected..more to be honest :O Let's start with Taketo himself. At first he reminded me of the typical selfish guy outside and a nice guy inside. Well...I was right,he's kind of the..badboy..okay not really maybe more troublemaker..suits him. I can't say much about him since..there weren't enough scenes with him and the heroine alone that could make you,ther heroine fell in love with him..Well..I think we are a highschool girl...who has..almost no experience with we shouldn't expect too much. But it still..felt..well..not right..^^' :/ When I think about it...there's no scenes which made me really excited...okay some were cute were I was like "Hehe..>w<" But 100% excited(/falling in love etc)..? ...NO
The story is..not that great too..It is interesting..but kinda boring..I know I'm going to spoil but I just have to mention it! Well...the thing with Taketo doesn't realize his feelings but his brother does fall in love with you but you love Taketo and he gets suddenly jealous and misundestands you after seeing you with his brother, just somehow....LAME in my opinion...
A few hours ago I started to play this game...and it me..I had to play two or three times.

Well was a big dissapointment... :/
And to you guys who are going to play this game...Don't expect too much.. :/

Well,here are the pics...  :)


  1. Omg, thank you so much for doing a review on this. I have been on the fence about playing this game. I will still eventually play it, but I can feel satisfied playing other stories I have been looking forward to first. I was not expecting much anyways since I do also think that you are a high school girl.

    Right now I am playing a new game from the Shall we Date series. Shall we date: Mononoke Kiss released on the google play market today. I am loving it so far. I am on Raizo's route. I really like it so and I am a big fan of the art style. I didn't think I would like it at first when I saw pictures, but once I started playing the game.....:D I love it. That is just me though. I will probably pick up this game after I finish SWD: MK and the sequels on A Knight's Devotion.

    You are the best Mizuki. Thank you so much :D


    1. Hi,Keanna
      Yeah,I mean what I shouldn't expect..too much..^^'
      Oh yeah,I heard of this game. I was planning to play this game next month,and another game. Because I'm still busy with my daily life,and working on 10 Days with my devil epilogue and sequels..and now Dreamy Days and Class trip crush @.@ ..*sighs*..and I'm not such a rich girl xD
      Ah well,you can play the first episode for free to test it out and you can make an impression of him :)

      And thank you for your comments ^^


  2. Umm I love playing otome games but I can't buy them all of them :( but thanks for the pictures :3

    1. Haha,yeah that's my problem too..^^' But since I work now(I'm doing a volunteer year at a kindergarten and they pay me a bit) I can buy some games per month..^^' :D
      Haha I'm glad if I can help you :D You know..before I started this blog,and when I didn't know at which story I should spend my money,I first looked at the CG's/pics and if the guy looks hot or the story seemed interesting I would buy it xD :P :3