Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Rein Isaka (Sequel) walkthrough

Well,I made a walkthrough for, if you can't get the Happy or the best ending,but exploring it yourself is much more fun ^^ but if you really don't get it then here is the walkthrough :) If you don't get the best ending please tell me then I will take a look and correct it

Oh and have fun playing it <3

1. A. Were you jealous?

B. I'm fine. I have you.

2. C. Do you not like the sofa?
A. I accept your kind offer.

3. A. "I'm his girlfriend."
A. "Can I go with you?"

4. C. "Does it look like I'm his wife?"
A. "Leave without me,Rein."

5. A. "Everything."
C. "Well,as long as we're together..."

6. B. "You don't dance,Rein?"
B. "I'll wait here."

7. B. "But we could understand each other."
A. Speak to him

8. C. "Aren't you sad too,Rein?"
A. "I can't imagine that."

9. B. "Why are you doing this?"
C. "It's okay now."


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