Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Rein Isaka Sequel

It's time, you're finally moving out of the Demon House! It's an exciting start to live with Rein. Then you are going to visit Reins mother in the Angel Realm..but no one is allowed to find out that you're a human!

Hmm the Sequel of Rein is good. It wasn't really exciting in the beginning..but slowly it was getting interesting and even some scenes were dramatic..In this Sequel,Rein is more serious..doesn't joke as much as in the main story but he's more mature..maybe a bit charasmatic..and cool :3

It was nice to see such a side of Rein and I enjoyed playing his Sequel even though the content of the story around the kinda..sad ... :)

Well,here are the pics :)

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