Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Soichiro Irie ( Kiss of Revenge )

Irie is a surgery and popular by the patients because he's kind,gentle,polite,cool and mature. But he's very busy since he has alot of work to do and can be sometimes cold even though he smiles like nothing serious happened. Sometimes he shows another side,where he teases you,can be a bit forceful or even a bit scary. He always has a smile on his face,so you don't really know what he's feeling at the moment.

Well,my this a bit mixed..
The story is good! I can say that it won't get bored and has some really dramatic scenes where I was very excited. I don't know what I should think of Irie character. It seems that his always smiling face is just a mask and that he hids his feelings/emotions behind it. At first he seems to me like the personal slave of the  Director,but while the story progressed I got to know that he's actually just a busy man who want to do his best but forgot his actual goal,to save people. When I finished his story..I still had mixed feelings....His type of guys,is still a secret to me..I don't really get him or what he's thinking...^^' o.o
And what made me really relationship between the heroine and him..My opinion is..that isn't love between's just,they got a bit closer and at the end they suddenly say " I like you!" ...*facepalm -_-* Well,I could see that the storywriter/creators of this story tried to create a few romantic scenes...but failed..^^' I think..there as only one scene..where they tried to make a is just..dissapointing..^^'

So...alltogether..story is exciting and interesting! >.< but..the character and the relationship progress with fail..^^' :( are the pics.. :/
(click if you want to take alook at the pics) (The picture from the another story,I put under the walkthrough [See here]

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