Samstag, 28. September 2013

Thieves vs Celebs Special

Love letter from Thief X and Seduced in the sleepless night SPECIAL!
You got a call and met up with everyone at the usual place. The reason you got called..a new mission! You are going to steal the famous diamonds "Romeo" and "Julia". They are placed in a famous hotel,and of course the security will be on high alert. But the others and you will do anything to suceed the mission.

It's exciting,because that's the other side of the whole story (look Celebs vs Thieves ,in the sleepless night special). I really liked the story since every guy (of Love Letter from Thief X) is attending this story and you get a scene with every one of them ^^ Of course meeting some characters of Seduced in the sleepless night is interesting too :33

Well,here's the pics ^w^

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