Samstag, 28. September 2013

Celebs vs Thieves Special

Love letter from Thief X and Seduced in the sleepless night SPECIAL!
The thief group "Black Fox" wants to steal the famous diamonds that will appear in the hotel. You and the other guys of Seduced in the sleepless night want to stop them and protect the diamonds!

Celebs vs. Thieves is a (really)special of Seduced in the sleepless city. This special has a crossover with Love Letter from Thief X!  It was really interesting to experience this special(because of this crossover I had to play this! ^^) It was a bit strange,because this time all guys(of Seduced in the sleepless night) are attending the story. So it made me a bit confused but I was excited and like "hehe kyaa >w<" because all guys where into you(heroine).

Hope you will enjoy it :33

Here's the pics :3

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