Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

Haruka Utsunomiya (My forged wedding)

Haruka is an popular artist who arranges flowers. He's handsome and very popular by women. He's very kind,polite and gentle. Even though he's very nice,he tends to teases you a lot like Saeki(My forged Wedding).Haruka doesn't take things so seriously and tends to make jokes too but sometimes with a serious face. It's hard to say what he's thinking and feeling right now because his expression doesn't change much.
Actually he's a really nice person but he often lies,protect or rather not let the others around him get hurt.

My opinion to this story,is that it was pretty nice :) Haruka seemed like a flowerboy ,who is kind like Takao and Mizuki(My sweet bodyguard). Romance moments,there were a few ^^ I liked his teasing side,which remind me of Saeki. The story was interesting too but was a..bit..plain for me,but only a bit. I think of him as sweet and kind person..but nothing..more ^^' (Maybe its beacause after playing Kakeru Kamuis story it looks to me not so great..)

Well,here are the pics :3

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