Samstag, 31. August 2013

Captain Alan

The first impression of Captain Alan is that he's very perverted. Also he has this idotic side where he believes everything he hears and doesn't think that the others are just making fun of him for example. But sometimes he also has this charasmatic side which makes him like a hero like person. He reacts shy,blushs alot and innocent if someone doesn't act like he expected to. Alan likes to take care of people and is respected by his crew.

I had mixed feelings when I played Alan to be honest. From other stories I already knew his ..personality so I wasn't surprised when he more pervy than usual ^^' But I was surprised..when I saw sides of him that I didn't get to know when I played the other stories. So it made kind of happy that I bought the story. The story is really good and I liked it :) There weren't enough romantic scene to satisfied my ..lust? xD But when I saw his embarassed reactions,it made me fall in love a bit with him..(but only a bit..missed the romantic scenes like I said..^^') so even though he's weird he's acutally a really nice guy and this story is reallg good and intersting because some things I really didn't expected so I really like this story! :)

Well,here are the pics :3 (Hot pics *o* ;3 )

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