Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

Takao Maruyama (Season 2)

I finally started to play Season 2 of My forged wedding ^^' Since I already know their personalities,I wasn't really motivated to play the game. I decided to play Takao at first,because I already know that he..hmm how should I say..the good guy? :? I remembered that he's very kind so I first started with him

The gameplay...hmm it was actually easy O.O Well,you are already engaged with Takao and the whole time you have to act honest as his partner when you have to choose an answer so it was not that hard.
The story was interesting ^^ But it was kinda bored..well Takao is like I said the kind/good guy so there weren't moment where I was like "kyaa >.<" It was rather a normal story,I didn't really hate or like it.

Well here are the pics ^^

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