Samstag, 13. April 2013

Lute (A Knight's Devotion)

Lute is polite,faithful and serious. He's always is at your side and doesn't tease you like Ken. He's almost perfect or flawless. He's kind and gentle..and because of his gentleness he even has a fanclub O.O Lute tries his best to protects you. He has his reasons why he wants to protect the king,you and the kingdom. He doesn't show his emotions so you have to cling on him more ;) Around the middle or more at the end of the whole story,another love rival comes..Lute isn't really happy while taking a distance from you because he thinks of your and his social positions it's impossible.

I think the story was interesting. I kinda like how his personality was. I like the story because of this "love" rival so it had more tension ^^ The pics are also really pretty ><

Well,here are the pics:3
(click if you want to look at the pic ^^)

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