Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Shusei Hayakawa (Our Two Bedroom Story)

Shusei is very kind and funny guy. Because of his character he's very popular by all people. He's also an easy going man who gets along with all people,too. Shusei is a very caring man and helps if someone is need. He doesn't show any weakness and has always a smile on his face.

Hmm my first impression of Shusei that he looked like guy from a host club and is a womanizer...but later on when I started to play,I realized that he's actually a pretty nice guy. Somehow almost like my ideal type in real life..:3 His unexpected side at home is kinda cute and made him look less like a womanizer.... You could really say that he's a perfect man.
Aside from the character the story was interesting and exciting one! Even though it was a short mainstory(..with 13 episodes..-__-) I did enjoy this one.
But after finishing this story..somehow it something was missing..Maybe because I missed scenes or moments where the heroine and Shusei got closer each other,through accidents or small actions. I think that he is a awesome guy..but I had wished for more romantic scenes where you could watch him falling in love with the heroine... opinion is kinda...blank..Shusei and the story is good but the progress between him and the heroine lacks..on romance... ^^'

Well,here are the pics :)

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