Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Roberto Button (Be my Princess)

Roberto is a very cheerful ,sweet and kind person. With his personality he's very popular by woman and by other people. He tends to look like womanizer because he's often surrounded by woman and his bevavior towards them is very gentle and nice. Which also is a disadvantage because you don't know when he's serious. But sometimes he does have moments where he looks sad but when someone approachs him he's the kind of person who hides his sadness behind jokes.

My first impression of him..was pleasant...I do like his personality but the main problem for me was..that I didn't know when he was serious or not. Even though he sounded sometimes serious..he had this character..or maybe his face or even the way he spoke..sounded a bit fake..or unnatural to me. I really do like him but I can't say that I fell completly in love with him. What I noticed that the heroine was a bit more mature than,in other stories. It's not something bad..I just noticed it.
The story itself was pretty interesting,but I wished for more romantic and exciting scenes and moments.

Altogether the story was satisfied and maybe it's only who didn't really fall in love with him because I pay too much attention.

Well here are the pics :3

                            Epilogue picture

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