Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Minato Okouchi ((Our Two Bedroom Story))

Minato is handsome and charasmatic man. He's very popular because of his appearance but also because of his work. But his looks can be deceiving,because he can be a very rude and arrogant man at work. He doesn't trust anybody easily because of certain reason so it's hard to approach him in privat.

I was excited to play the new game ^^ Since all character are really hot *Q*
Well,I wasn't really surprised when he was rude and teased the heroine. Even though he teased alot,after a certain time he easily got embarassed what was really cute in my opinion ^^ But when you get closer to him you notice that he's actually a sweet and gentle guy who has a sad past deep,deep inside of him. Well,because of his past he doesn't trust just anybody. His past was kind of touching me,and his developed character where he is gentle and a bit caring made me kinda fall in love with him :3
The story is interesting! ^o^b There were many exciting,sad,romantic and funny moments where I stopped for a moment to read the scene again. I have often smiled and even laughed because of some certain moments.
Altogether this main story is good! And I recommend this story to all who like tsundere and bossy guys. :33

Well,here are the pics ^^

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