Freitag, 16. August 2013

Tamotsu Goda ( Office Secrets )

Tamotsu Goda is your boss. He's well known and is famous in the company. He's always in a cheerful,happy and positive mood that cheers the team always up. Goda doesn't like to talk about his private,maybe that's why rumors like he's divorced and even has child appeared because he rushes home when he got for example a message. Also in private life he's very kind but also shy and isn't the tp that takes action so fast if it's about love.

I was so excited to play Godas story! >w< But..the first episodes were....confusing me and I was like " dissapointing.." because the heroine fell in love so fast and easily with Goda without much reason except "making my heart beating fast" and blah... But it went well when the story was progressing. And it made me kind of excited ^^ I didn't really expect that Tamotsu could be so cute and adorable with his actions and his shyness.. I enjoyed it even though I don't really like the beginning od the story..(how the heroine fell in love with Goda) :3

Well,here are pics :D
(Still..more dissapointed about the fact about only two pics... T-T But..he's hot..:3)

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