Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Junya Sakurazawa ( Office Secrets )

Junya is the grandson of the President. He's very famous in the company especially by the girls and kinda hated by the men because they think,because he's the grandson he has an advantage and that's why they look down on him somehow. He's..a womanizer or well he knows alot of women and it looks like he always flirts when he starts to approach a woman. But like every person,even he has his weakness. He tries his best and always smiles.

I likes his character,he reminded me of Saeki of "my forged wedding" and Haku from "A knight's devotion" but Junya is...more extreme flirty ..and not much ecchi-like like Saeki but he's kinda smiliar to Haku if it's about flirting. It was a bit hard since you can't tell what he's thinking or how he feels since he always smiles or gives you this feeling that he only flirts with you for fun. But around the middle of the story,he showed some other sides of him,that made me kinda fall in love with him ;) I wished there were more romantic scene..though..

Well here are the pics :3

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