Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Leonardo ( Pirates in Love )

He's a navy captain and like every person who works in the navy he's very passionate about putting pirates down. But fairness and justice plays a important role too. He's serious if it comes to pirates and is a intelligent person. He comes from a rich family,and his father has a high rank in the navy. His weakness is his cat Myumyu. He's totally a cat lover O.O
His personality changes from serious to a happy and...lovey-dovey mood. (so cute ^^')

My opinion:
He's actually totally my type. XD First I love his glasses! *-* and he's personality it's just cool. It's cute and a bit funny that his personality totally changes if it comes to his cat,Myumyu (totally cute name >w<) The story isn't as long as the the others and there aren't much pics either. But I love the pictures. :3

Well,here are the pics :) :

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