Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Haku (A Knight's Devotion)

Whaaa,I was so frustrated after playing Haku a few times,because I always got the Good ending -_- Ah well,after taking a long nap I tried it again and got the HAPPY ENDING ^w^
Hmm well,Haku is a mix of a pervert,bad boy,someone who loves to tease you,player and tsundere I guess. It's really hard to know what he wants,or feels.

I think the story is interesting and kinda funny. Around at the middle and end of the story it gets complicated,because Haku suddenly turns out to be a spy and the answers are getting a bit hard. But alotgether it's good,the story,the character and the degree of difficulty was interesting.

Ah well,here are the pics ^^
(click if you want to look at the pics :3)

Haha lol,Ken and Shion xD

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