Montag, 1. April 2013

East Tower - Takashi (pic)

Yesterday I played East Tower,Takashi.
Takashi is a cheerful,excited and curious boy. He's always positive and a happy person. Takashi envys her old sister because she's perfect in everything she does.  But he also think,likes and idolize her.
Except being cheerful,he's also kinda....silly,idiotic but also very funny ^^
ALSO he plays an important role in your,the heroine life.

My opinion: (you can ignore that part)
I enjoyed his character. ^^ It was not really romantic...but more amusing,funny and sometimes adorable :3
This character was more interesting and a bit harder than Akio(east tower). There were more choices but it was amusing and I really enjoyed it. ^^ There were alot of pics,but some were useless..since there were about three pics for only one scene.. But the pics are still nice :)

Well here are the pics: :) (There were so many I didn't put every pic,because there were 3-4 pics for one scene...)

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