Freitag, 29. März 2013

Mizuki Fujisaki (my sweet bodyguard)

Because of certain reason he gave up his popstar life and started to work as Bodyguard.
Mizuki loves animals and taking care of them. He looks and is a bit innocent. Mizuki is a laid-back guy but tries his best to protect you. He tells you from the start that it is forbidden to fall in love with him.
He's more of a mysterious guy who knows what you are thinking just by watching your face but you don't really know what he's thinking right now.

My opinion: (you can ignore that part ;D)
I kinda like him but only a bit. He's a nice character...but somehow the excitement...was my mind. It was a nice and cute story...but it was only nice and nothing more. He blushed sometimes and that was cute but I couldn't really feel "the love" (It's a bit strange to say that ...but it's true) I was a bit dissapointed in this character..

The pics are better than the stories xD Umm I mean the pics are super~ good :D
Well,here are the pics :)

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